Cassidy Hubbarth

Cassidy Hubbarth

Cassidy Hubbarth, an American television anchor was born in September 19, 1984 in the beautiful city of Chicago,Illinois. This day, she could be found sporting around on our very own ESPN’s sports Center and NNA Tonight. She is the anchor for ESPN Sports Center and Host of NNA Tonight in ESPN2’s.
Cassidy is the lovely daughter from her Handsome Father Gerry and Beautiful Mother, Emmeline Hubbarth.

Cassidy has three siblings and she is the youngest of all of them. She did attend the Evanston Township High School and graduated in 2003. Her fantacies and hobbies from the start inclined towards sports and she got more interested in basketball and soccer from her early age. Cassidy with the passion in sport has been 3-sport athlete and that too for four long years. You wouldnot be surprised to know that she has taken part in 2001 ETHS State Championship in her high school soccer team.

Cassidy on completion of her high school, joined the University of Illinois, After one year she went to Medill School of Journalism . Medil School of Journalism is at the North Western University. She earned her Bachelors Degree in Science from Northwestern University.

Soon after graduating, she quickly joined to work as the reporter, she started reporting initially as the traffic reporter for Navteq, Later she also joined in NBC, where she worked for WMAQ-TV , She was the produder in WMAQ-TV.

Cassidy’s journey in ESPN started in August of 2010 in which she intially started working as the studio anchor. After the successful tenure as an anchor she did start to host by making an appearance in College Football and Basketball in ESPN3.

Cassidy was awarded with exclusives. She made exclusive host and broadcasts  in ESPN3.. Some of her exclusives are : Georgia Pro Day, Madden Bowl XLV and Baylor Pro Day.

ESPN journey wasnot that easy for cassidy, she did numerious freelancing before she enrolled in ESPN. Cassidy worked for The Big Ten Network. She had her time invested on Fox sports South where she proved to be one of the best presenter and won herself a Sountheast Emmy for her Interactivity of her performance which she portrayed in SEC Gridiron LIVE.

Her other engagements include , Comcast Chicago, Intersport Productions where she shared her talent as host and associate producer.

After joining the ESPN, by the fall of 2013, Cassidy was the hot cake everyone wants to have, and there she was all over the ESPN, she showed her charm and appearance in most of the ESPN platforms. She rocked  Sports Center, The NBA Today Podcast, Numbers Never Live, Highlights Express, Sports Nation, First Take, NBA Tonight and what not. She was shinning like a star. Star in true she was amazing.

Did you know, Cassidy loves CHICA BULLS.? oh yes, cassidy is the die hard fan of C. Bulls. Lets check into some of her personal favourites, Any guesses what might her favorite tradition be ?

Well she loves Christmas Breakfast with her family.  Many has the question in terms of her beauty, Here’s the answer. She is the blend of Filipino, Irish and German that had added a peculiar beauty in cassidy. She is already in her 30’s now and yet she looks absolutely amazing, she is young, bold sexy and beautiful. Her stunning pair of feet has made many boys fall for her and her body;s gait is unquestionably the body to die for.

She’s been living a wealthy and healthy life, and more than that, Cassidy is the talk of the town when the people turn on the TV. Everyone loves her when she starts presenting in ESPN.

The unique style of Cassidy had made everyone fall in love with her with huge numbers of fan following, both in social media and in her real life. ooh yes, She is also very active in social media. Check her Facebook :
She has more than 24 K fan following in Facebook.

You can also check her Twitter account and Follow her : More than 60 K followers keeps her accompanied till date and its growing by the time you read about her in this blog. 🙂

Find her Twitter account here : This days she is also very active in Instagram with the fan following of 58.5 K followers, cassidy is all over the internet  sharing love and care to every of her fans. Check her Instagram account :

Cassidy has been very protective about her personal life, so she has kept few things very reserved and safe with her. No one of her fans know about her personal  life in terms of her love life, sex life, boy friends, flings, married life or her spouse in the media even she is hot star of the ESPN. she has maintained the very well gap between the personal life and professional life.


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