Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen

The legendary actor Charlie Sheen is famous for his legendary roles in Anger management and Two and a half men. Charlie was born on September 3 1965 in Newyork city. He started his acting career at the age of 9. He is the son of famous actor Martin Sheen. He has given sucess films such as Platoon, wall street, young guns, The Three musketeres and many others. In 2000’s he was known for his television roles . He has played in a famous televison series Two and half men in which he earned $1.8 million dollar per episode. He was also known as the highest paid actor on television. He was nominated on Golden globe and Emmy awards for best actor.

Sheen and has been married three times, and has 5 children and one grandchild. His wives are Donna Peele,Denise Richards,Brooke Mueller. He suffered a stroke after overdosing the use of cocaine and was hospitalised, he was found in the sea side by one of his friends and was given emergency life saving treatment. He has made many headlines on the news paper as he was arrested by police in 2009 December 25 for assulting his wife Brooke Mueller in colorado, Sheen was then sentenced to 30 days drug rehab and 36 hr of anger management by the court. On October 26 2010 police again removed him from his suite at Plaza Hotel after damaging the property of the hotel worth $7000. The production of Two and a half men went on a Hiatus in January 2011 as sheen went to rehab. Later Sheen made publicly derogatory comments about the seriess so the creators Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros banned him from entering the production, he was later replaced by actor Ashton Kutcher. On Novemeber 17 2015 Sheen was again in the headlines and in the medias eyes for publicly announcing that he was HIV positive and had been hiding it for 4 years. According to the sources he had paid more than $10 million dollar to hide his HIV positive satus and make it private. He has to pay two of his ex wives Child support starting from $10,00 to $55,000. He was again under investigation by LAPD for threatening to kill his former fiancee Scottine Ross. Sheen was the most searched person on the internet on 2015. People love his character as Uncle Charlie in Two and a half men. He has won many awards like:

1989 – Bronze Wrangler (Young Guns)
2002 – Golden Globe (Spin City)
2006 – Golden Icon Award (Two and a Half Men)
2008 – ALMA Award (Two and a Half Men)
2012 – WWE Slammy Award (WWE Raw).


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