Chris Brown

Chris Brown

The “With you” singer Chris Brown was born on 5th of may 1989 in the USA. He began to perform at a very young age. He was later discovered by the Jive records and then released his first single debut when he was only 16.

The singer has had been in alot of controversies for hitting the  famous singer Rihana. They had been in love from 2008. Later in 2009 Rihana filed a case against Chris Brown for domestic violence. Rihana was seen with alot of Bruises. She says that after the Grammy’s award the Singer had beaten and battered her. He was then sentenced for five year probation and six months of community service by the court after admitting the assualt. He then was hooked up with a model Jasmin Sanders in 2010. He then was dating a model Karrueche Tran in late 2011, but it didnt last forever so they broke up in 2012. He was again dating his ex-girlfriend Rihana which also didnt last very long and they Again Broke up in 2013. He was again hooked up with the Model Karrueche. But then there a scandal for his love child with his ex girlfriend Nia Guzman- Amey which led in the end of his relationship with The model Karrueche Tran.

In 2014 their daughter was born. And the legal fight between Brown and Nia started. Nia claims that Chris hasn’t been involved in raising their daughter since birth. Nia is seeking child support payment starting from $2500-16000 a month. Later Guzman intended to restrict Brown’s custody over their daughter Royalty based on allegations concerning Chris drug use and gang affiliation. According to the sources the judge denied Nia’s request to reduce the amount of contact that Chris Brown may have with their daughter Royalty. Later  the judge upheld the duo’s custody agreement. They were in a highlight for slamming eachother with a mean comments on their Instagram accounts.

Guzman claims that Brown had chased her for years prior to Royalty birth in 2014. Now Brown is found to be having an amazing time with his daughter Royalty and is learning how hard life is with a toddler. He has recently relased an album in the name of her daughter Royalty.

Recently he was arrested on suspiction of assult with a deadly weapon. He remained locked inside his house in Los Angles for hours, while the police stood outside and media overhead. Police arrested him after a woman accused him of pointing a gun and making threats. Later he posted a video online in his Instagram account claiming that he was Unjustified and demanded the police to come back with a search warrant. But later he allowed the police inside and was released on a bail ($250,000). He is scheldued  to appear in the court next month. But according to the sources no gun was found inside his house. This was the hot topic in the internet the whole day (August 30).

He was in alot of controversies as he was subsequently temporarily banned from entering the uk  in 2010 when he was due to play 3 concerts in the UK. He was also arrested for punching a man in washingtonDc, which proves that he is a very hot headed person.


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