Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner

The famous teen ager Kylie Jenner has always driven social media’s attention for various reasons. She is the half  sister of Kim Kadarshain. She is a television personality,socialite and a model. She has always been in the spotlight with her boyfriend  rapper Tyaga.

She and her sister Kendall have launched their own line “Kendall and Kylie” with the help of Brand Pacsons line. Recently she has launched her makeup kit named “kylie Cosmetics” which is no one brand at the moment. According to the Times Magazine she was 25th most influential teens of 2014. She and her elder sister Kendall Jenner have also Launched a shoes and  handbags line for Steve Modden’s, “Modden Girl line”. Kylie’s lip took over Instagram for having a pulpy lip which was loved by everyone. They started doing “Kylie Jenner lip challenge” using a bottle cap and making their lip bigger.

She has been Dating rapper Tyaga since  august 2014. She has always grabbed media’s attention beacuse of her controvesial relationship with her Boyfriend Tyaga. They went public after her 18th birthday. They attended The New York fashion week in Newyork together. Tyaga Gifted her a white Ferrari on her 18th birthday. The social media stardom Kylie have her own instagram filter. In 2015 november Tyaga was seen spending Thanks Giving with Kylie and her family. Kylie later moved out of her house. She has a a house worth $2.7 million in California. In december 2015 Tyaga and Kylie celebrated christmas eve together and Tyaga gave her a Diamond ring which she posted a picture in her Instagram account.

We can Say Kylie loves dogs so much after all she has 5 dogs in addition with a puppy named penny as well as three Italian Greyhounds,  and a bunny name Bruce.

Later Kylie broke up with Tyga on may 2016 for good before Met Gala and didn’t walk together in the red carpet with Tyaga. Later they Patched up on June 2016. She has been featured in alot of music vedios such as “Party next Door” featuring Drake. In her 19th birthday Tyaga gifted her $200,000 worth Mercedes Benz. But according to the sources none of Kylie family likes Tyaga as they think he is such a creep. Tyaga later showed his love for Kylie with a Tattoo on his hand.

They were in media’s eyes in march 2016, Tyaga was seen grabbing Kylies butt on snapchat which went viral. He was later accused of cheating Kylie with a Brazilian model. Molly O’ Malla a 14 years old aspring model and singer claimed that Tyaga made unwanted calls and messages to her which made her feel uncomfortable. This was one of the huge topic in media as Kylie’s fans busted on Tyaga for cheating her. In december 2016 Tyaga and Kylie went to childrens hospital in L.A and gave them Alot of gifts.

Later she took over Twitter that she was not trying to be a rapper and was not going to get married nor was she pregnant, after the media spreaded false rumour for her being pregnant with Tyaga’s  baby.

There is alot of Controversy as her Boyfriend Tyaga was in a relationship with Blac Chyna and has a baby together, who is now dating Kylie half brother Rob Kadarshain.

She have never failed to take over media’s and her fans attention as she posted a video and photos of chainging her hair color into blonde and for real this time.


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